“The Self is emergent out of contextual support.”
  —Lynne Jacobs

about you

Coming to therapy is primarily about you: your values, your depths, your discoveries, your needs, your dreams, your challenges and disappointments, your evolution.  Therapy illuminates those areas so you can make progress in them on your terms.  The value of quality psychotherapy is that it facilitates that process in ways you never will in isolation.  I see that difference all the time, because growth is relational.

As your therapist, I genuinely want to get to know you.  My curiosity about you is real.  I offer warm receptivity to your whole personality, including the parts that may not presently please you.  Everyone has them, but reclaiming their value is a practice that rewards you for the rest of your life.  Quality psychotherapy best establishes that practice.  Because it’s all about you, quality psychotherapy creates a natural unfolding of self into new and unforeseen possibilities.

To attain those results, you need cultivate only one thing: basic willingness.  Basic willingness is all I ask of my clients.   Your openness to your own evolution will itself evolve and grow, but it starts from the simple seed of being willing in the first place.  The rest comes about as a natural consequence of practicing your willingness in a nurturing and responsive environment, where your needs, values, and aspirations matter.  In the journey to your deepest well-being, they are the surrounding circles, leading in.