“The chief danger in life is that you may take too many precautions.”
  —Alfred Adler


Many people I work with value regular creativity.  I do too.  It is one of my specialties as a therapist that I offer an uncommon depth of understanding of the creative process.  If you are considering therapy and your creativity is vital to you, you will receive profound support from me in that area.

I have studied creativity with masters in the field, taught spontaneous art on the university level, and honored multiple muses throughout my life.  My appreciation of artistic expression extends to seeing it as a spiritual path and a source of unending personal insight and development, regardless of your chosen medium.

Whether you paint, write, dance, play an instrument, sing, practice crafts, sculpt, spin tracks as a DJ, you name it, the inspiration you take there is sacred to me and deeply instructive.  Whether we focus on your formal creativity frequently or not, our therapy will always serve it well.  It will also open creative solutions in other areas in your life, especially the stuck ones.  This benefit is equally true for people who don’t practice creativity in the arts at all.

My extended training in the Gestalt approach to therapy will bring creativity into our sessions whether we name it that way or simply enjoy its influence without any cheering about it.  Gestalt is an approach that naturally brings forward native creativity in all participants without pressure or the need for special skills. It also tends to illuminate how even our worst blocks were once creativity too.