“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”
  —Henry David Thoreau


As an introduction to starting therapy with me, I offer a free session of Gestalt Dream Work to new potential clients.  If you have any interest in exploring a dream with a lifelong dream enthusiast and lucid dream researcher, please contact me and ask to set up a dream visit, which we will regard as a free consultation.  There will be no obligation to work with me again after the session, although you are welcome to.  Similarly, you are welcome to make a donation at any level if you like to.  Each session lasts anywhere from 30-90 minutes by its natural course.

Gestalt Dream Work is a very special form of dream exploration based on a holistic engagement of the dreamer.  It is unique among dream psychologies for how it activates real contact with what a dream most wants to make clear in the name of growth, insight, and wholeness.  To invite those benefits, our session will follow several helpful guidelines, including a profoundly countercultural orientation that foregoes preliminary intellectual analysis of the dream, since that approach is limiting and artificial.  What a dream means will emerge naturally instead, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary the dream.  It is even possible to do this style of dream investigation with visitors who arrive without any pressing dreams, feel they never remember any, or want to work on a former dream from long ago.

As your guide for this experience, my qualifications are twofold and related.  In fact, if I permit myself some highly original thinking on this subject, I would like to suggest that ultimately, when done well, Gestalt Therapy (my core training) is not only compatible with Lucid Dreaming (my lifelong practice), but secretly equivalent to it as a waking alternative.  I have learned that regular people can derive all the same benefits of lucid dreaming by participating in Gestalt Dream Work, no extra training or talent required.  I aspire to offer you a convincing sample of this creative suggestion when we meet.  Until then, note below, for the sheer fun of it, that even my two illustrated books pertain to sleep and dreaming!